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Sofa Cleaning

Cleaning your whole house is usually a time consuming chore but having to sanitise just one piece of furniture or a particular object can be quite a difficult task as well. Removing stains and cleaning spills requires special attention and care. Many times you might end up ruining a nice piece of rug or a […]

Home Cleaning

Living in a dirty, stained and dusty household is absolutely unacceptable which ultimately means that you shouldn’t neglect your cleaning duties. If you are too busy to execute them frequently, be reasonable and delegate them to us. We from Cleaners Eastbourne are certified and fully insured sanitation technicians and we provide cleaning services of exceptional quality. […]

One Off Cleaning

Cleaning duties can be annoying, especially if you are too busy taking care of other things such as raising your children or professional career. So, why don’t you choose to take advantage of your one of cleaning services and give yourself some time to take care of your personal matters while having the peace of […]

Window Cleaning

Maintaining your windows clean is never an easy task if you aim at good results. People are sometimes sloppy and get the glass scratched or damage the frame in some way. Most people hate bothering to wash windows in general. Others live on a high floor and going outside to wipe the windows clean is […]


In addition to our high quality cleaning services, we would be more than happy to inform you that at Cleaners Eastbourne we offer comprehensive solutions to home and office removals in Eastbourne. Our moving experts will take up you relocation project, carry it out in a quick and very responsible manner and be on their […]

Upholstery Cleaning

Keeping your upholstery clean will give your whole living room a feel of freshness and will make your room more visibly pleasing. Achieving that, however, is no easy task and a lot of things can go wrong if you decide to do most of it yourself. Cleaners Eastbourne is the one to call when it […]

Spring Cleaning

The spring cleaning is a laborious task that will consume a lot of your time and energy. So, why don’t you take a knee and have us handle your annual sanitation project. We are a seasoned and fully licensed cleaning company and we provide a wide range of sanitation services including spring cleaning options. We […]

Rug Cleaning

We from Cleaners Eastbourne have been tackling cleaning projects of diverse scale and complexity for a number of years. It is because of our 100% completion ratio that we are today the favorite contractors of the Eastbourne community. Throughout the years we have proven our value and competence and nowadays people know that they can trust […]

Oven Cleaning

Most people generally keep their house relatively clean but there are certain appliances or objects that require special attention. Many times we leave something behind and don’t clean it for months as it looks tidy on the outside. This is the case with most households when it comes to maintaining a clean oven. This is […]

Office Cleaning

Cleaning the office space you work at is never an easy task especially having in mind that most people there don’t really care much about the situation. Employees rarely do their bid in keeping the office clean and this leads to some permanent pollution. We at Cleaners Eastbourne will happily come over and give you […]