Our Reviews

“Don’t just take our word for it…”

We can tell you everything about the cleaning services we offer and how good we are at cleaning but you just don’t have to take our word for it. Instead all you need to do is to take a look at some of our customers feedback below

Mary Evans 

“The cleaners from Cleaners Eastbourne arrived on time as promised They were very professional, and did a great job with the cleaning. They even explained how to treat stains in the future. I highly recommend this company. Professionals with good rates!
Kind Regards, Mary”

Jasmine Braid
“I am using them for 3rd time and I can’t tell you how wonderful the girls are. I friend of mine recommended me this company and I was very pleased with their work too. Their prices are reasonable and their staff polite and helpful. I highly recommend this Cleaners Eastbourne to anyone in need of cleaning help!
All the best, Jasmine”

Steve Newman
“I’ve used the company for a while and I can’t tell you how delightful the crew is. The fellas at Cleaners Eastbourne area happy to work any any kind of cleaning job. I’ve recommended them to friends of mine and they have been happy as well so I thought that leaving a review for anyone in need of a professional cleaning service would be a good idea. The cleaners are very reliable and trustworthy. We’re having a couple come every week and we’ve left a key with them so that they can let themselves in when my partner and I are at work.
Looking forward to another cleaning, Steve”

Chelsea Brown
“I highly recommend this company, not only for the great results the cleaners have achieved but the amazing customer service as well! I’ve used their oven cleaning service for more than a couple of times since cook very often and after every cleaning it’s like I’ve thrown away the old one and it’s been replaced with the same model. Cleaners Eastbourne will be my go to cleaning company for oven cleaning for the future as well.
Kind Regards, Chelsea”

• Spencer Williams
“Firstly I’d like to thank the girls that came in to clean my daughter’s place last week. They were delightful and left everything spotless. Secondly I would like to advise anyone looking for a reliable cleaning company in Eastbourne to look no further and give them a call. The customer service people are very polite and I’m pleased to say I’ll me using Cleaners Eastbourne again.
Have a great day, Spencer Williams”