Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning EastbourneWe from Cleaners Eastbourne have been tackling cleaning projects of diverse scale and complexity for a number of years. It is because of our 100% completion ratio that we are today the favorite contractors of the Eastbourne community. Throughout the years we have proven our value and competence and nowadays people know that they can trust us with their rug sanitation projects.

We understand in full all the complexities that are associated with rug sanitation and why it is important to maintain a floor feature that is free of dust, dirt, germs and bacteria. We also know how quickly even the simplest rug cleaning jobs can become challenging and laborious tasks. However we have the knowledge and technical capacity to prevent this from happening and more importantly to facilitate and speed up even the most demanding sanitation projects. We have equipped our cleaners with the latest and finest equipment, so rest assured that your tarnished and stained rug will be cleaned meticulously and will look as good as new once we are done with it.

With the help of our machines we will penetrate deep into the rub fibres and remove all the dirt and dust that has found a safe haven between them. We use soft brushes that won’t crash or bend the fibres, so rest assured that nothing bad will happen to your rug. After all it is not a fluke that we from Cleaners Eastbourne are the only contractors in the Eastbourne with a 0% accident ratio. Despite our excellent rate we have just in case insured our services, so that our clients can have the peace of mind that they will get reimbursed in the unwanted event of an accident.

You can use our rug cleaning services for the sanitation of both natural and synthetic rugs. You can also completely delegate to us the maintenance of your floor feature as we provide contract rug sanitation options. We work with the following cleaning periods:

  • Daily
  • Bi-daily
  • Weekly
  • Bi-weekly
  • Monthly

Rug Cleaning EastbourneIf none of these periods suit your needs and preferences, have no worries as we will customise a sanitation schedule that will match your requirements.

The cleaning products that we use don’t contain any toxic or chemical elements, so don’t worry about negative effects such as fibre damage or discolouration. Bear in mind that we have personally tested all the detergents that we use during the execution of a rug sanitation project. In many ways it is because of our high quality cleaning solutions that we are able to easily remove even the most rigid stains. So, if your rug is too stained and soiled, don’t waste valuable time contemplating whether you should hire us and simply pick up your telephone and give us a call.

We work with a flexible agenda which means that booking us is a very simple and straightforward process. We also accept last minute bookings, so don’t be timid to get in touch with us on a short notice because we will be able to fit you in our schedule and lend you a hand with your rug cleaning.